Receiving my copy of Moving Portraits and where to read it

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Receiving 1/2 copies of Moving Portraits from the editors.

Moving Portraits: Life Stories of Migrant and Multicultural Families in Asia is the written output of the Enable Kids Project, you might remember my earlier post about it here, and it’s been a great experience to me and it has helped put something solid in my dream of helping children who are like me and who are asking the same questions. Continue reading


Shidou Exhibition (始動展) at Artspace K1

With the painting

Yours truly and my painting, “The rebirth of nature and man.”

The Shidou Exhibition (始動展) was my first time to be part of an art exhibit in Tokyo, I’m really proud to be able to display my painting there, it took a lot of effort to finish the painting while juggling my graduate work but at the end of the day it made the hanging wall. There I am standing next to “The rebirth of nature and man,” and here is a closeup of the painting. Continue reading

A decade without Canvas and Shidou Exhibition (始動展)


Trial run for canvas, painting: Spring

It’s been a decade since I last painted on canvas, I was eleven years old and I had the hand-stroke elegance of a newborn elephant, nonetheless, I was proud of the magical girl I had created. I always thought buying canvas was expensive compared to your regular A4 paper (I was a young cheapo and I still am) and for many years I stuck with that. Eventually, I branched out to sketch pads, Illustration boards (both sides), and then to the watercolor paper that I love so much. Continue reading

Book Launch: Moving Portraits

HeMP Book Launch.jpgy there lovelies, your Hanna has risen from the ocean of readings and homework (graduate school is a lot busier than I initially anticipated), and has now returned to update you about the launch of Moving Portraits: Life Stories of Migrant and Multicultural Families in Asia! A project by Scalabrini Migration Center, supported by The Toyota Foundation. Being of Japanese-Filipino descent,  thus qualifying to be interviewed or produce a literary output of my own, I was approached by one of my former undergraduate professor (Shoutout to Ms. Yellowbelle!) from De La Salle University about the project. I read the “about the book” part of the contract, and I knew, this was something I wanted to do, perhaps, need to do. Continue reading

(赤) Aka: A Red Tinted Spring


Colors used: Red, White, Black, Brown, and Peach. Varying water quantity to create layers.

Aka (赤) is the character for the color red in Kanji (perhaps the oldest kind of Japanese text). I actually don’t like looking at red too much (even though I love wearing it) and thus don’t paint with it often. It’s a very bright and vibrant color that definitely catches the eyes, thus in small quantities, it can be a wonderful magical color, however, in larger Continue reading

Return of the Fantasy Watercolor Works


Murasaki (eng trans: violet), a character I pictured in my head that day and decided I had to capture on paper. 

It’s been eight months since I last painted anything, the last time was for my thesis artwork collection (10 pieces in one night due the next morning killed me, I’ll post about it here at least once maybe talk about the thesis too), I’ve doodled every now and then, but nothing more than that. I’ve neglected my first love for so long really. I actually started telling stories through visual arts first before I even knew how to write a sentence. Continue reading

Announcement: “The Trilogy of a Dead Star” got published at Philippines Graphic Magazine!

Photos of “A Trilogy of a Dead Star” in Philippines Graphic Magazine

I’ve always loved telling tales to my siblings, always loved swimming in the stories of others may it be across multiple platforms, plays, films, books, visual arts, video games. As long as it tells me a story I find particularly interesting then it doesn’t quite matter to me how it’s told, as long as it gets told in a medium that gives it justice, and you know I have access to it. Later on in life this wonderful enchantment of mine with stories became writing, and ever since then life has never been the same. Continue reading

Birth of a Fern

One of the poems I wrote for a class a while ago, back when I was in the midst of my undergraduate years. I stared at a blank paper and doodled flowers and ferns, I doodle a lot so it was nothing new, but the image stuck. Those flowers and ferns conjured by ink and thoughts stuck to the paper and wanted to speak words, so I gave them words. I kept this picture in my head, in this work, even when I changed so many parts of this piece before I passed it, this image was where I fell in love with the story of a girl and her ferns. There’s definitely room for improvement but I’ll leave this closed, I’ll leave it as I wrote it more than a year ago.

Young ferns, spring, Sweden Continue reading